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100 Liter/25 Gallon batch
400 Liter/100 Gallon batch
11,500 Liter / 24 Hours
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  BIO 1 - 1,200 Liters / Day
BIO 2 - 2,400 Liters / Day

BIO11.5KM7 Reactors

BIO11.5KM7 units can product up to 11,500 liters (3000 Gallons) every 24 hours. These are batch/continuous units which produce an alcoholysis process in batch form, but deliver a continuous output of Biodiesel and Glycerol.

BIO11.5KM7 have the advantage of being able to manage different types of feedstock, while still deliver a continous flow of Biodiesel and Glycerol. BIO11.5KM7 units can even be configured with redundant reactors, which provide additional security against feedstock variations. Redundant reactors allow for process isolation in case of feedstock quality issues, while at the same time providing process continuity assurance.

Startup services are included with all BIO11.5KM7 units. CentralBioDiesel HTP, Inc. sends one of our chemical engineers on site (Travel & Expenses are not included). Our chemical engineer will provide training on feedstock handling and quality control, process protocol, and product handling and quality control.

BIO11.5KM7 units utilize our NO WASH process which shortens process times, reduces costs, eliminates effluents and additional processes, while producing high grade ASTM/EN compliant biodiesel.

BIO11.5KM7 provides a modular aproach to plant setup. This allows producers to starts with a smaller sized unit which can expand to finally become a BIO11.5KM7. This significantly reduces captital expenditures, while allowing producers to accommodate logistics.

BIO11.5KM7 units include:

  • BIOHEAT 400 oil preheating system
  • BIO400M7 – Reactor
  • BIOMeth – Methoxide Unit
  • Decompression units
  • Methanol Recovery Systems
  • BIOWEST – Open Centrifugal Unit
  • BIOCLEAN – Closed Cannister Centrifugal units with one micron filtering
  • On Site Training and Startup Services
  • Technical Support
Download BIO11.5M7 Brochure
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