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University Learning System
100 Liter/25 Gallon batch
400 Liter/100 Gallon batch
11,500 Liter / 24 Hours
  Start Up
Extended Support
  BIO 1 - 1,200 Liters / Day
BIO 2 - 2,400 Liters / Day

BIO2 Package includes

  • 1 BIO400M7 - Reactor with Methanol Recoup System
  • 1 BIOHEAT400 - Oil Heating & Transfer Unit
  • 1 BIOADD – Expansion Unit
  • 1 BIOCLEAN  - Centrifuge Clarifier
  • 1 Lab Kit
  • 1 Spares Kit
Download BIO2 Brochure

This Packaged has been designed to produce up to 800,000 liters (175,000 Gallons) per year. The BIO400M7 reactor generates the basic transesterification process using CentralBioDiesel’s proprietary HTP (High Temperature Pressurized) NO WASH protocol.

The BIOADD unit provided allows for the BIO400 unit to be drained and for settling to continue under pressure and temperature, while another batch is prepared on the now empty BIO400 unit. This allows the output to double in capacity.

The BIOCLEAN unit clarifies and removes any remaining glycerol residue, metallic salts or other contaminants. The BIOClEAN units uses a 7000 rpm closed canister centrifuge, an immersion heating element, a 25 micron entrance filter and a 1 micron exit filter to finish and polish the biodiesel produced by the BIO400 reactor. To facilitate the process, BIOHEAT400 unit is also included.

*Travel & Expenses for onsite training are not included.

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