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100 Liter/25 Gallon batch
400 Liter/100 Gallon batch
11,500 Liter / 24 Hours
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  BIO 1 - 1,200 Liters / Day
BIO 2 - 2,400 Liters / Day

BIO400M7 Reactors

BIO400M7 Reactors are provided for three phase current. Units are available in 220/240/480 – 50/60Hz.

These units handle up to 400 liter (100 gallon) batches and use the same HTP (High Temperature Pressurized) protocol as the rest of the BIO lineup. All BIO400M7 units include methanol recovery systems and all of the components that have made them the leading reactors in the market.

BIO400M7 reactors are the main components in all the small and medium sized Special Packages offered by CentralBioDiesel. Starting from a single BIO400M7 unit, add on equipment can be incorporated and eventually end up with a BIO11.5KM7 configuration for up to 11,500 liters (3000 Gallons) every 24 hours. This provides low entry costs for small production projects and a growth path to a medium sized facility.



  Up to 400 Liters per batch

Variable capacity : 100 to 400 Liters


Available in Three Phase Only

Ideal for industrial settings

  Height 2.3 Mts.    

1.2 Mts.


1.2 Mts.


40 Watts per Liter

  Installed power  

7.2 Kw

  Weight 160 Kg
  Maximum pressure 1 Atm

Allows for multiple pressure experimentation

  Max. Temperature 90ºC Allows experimentation with various temperature settings    
  20 Micron exit filter 

Easy filtering down to one micron

  High performance static mixer

Provides agitation with ought pressure loss
No moving parts
Maintenance free

  Ceramic heating elements

Long life
Low consumption

  Thermal insulation

Allows the unit to reach high temperatures
with lower consumption.
Allows the unit to maintain
 temperature during settling.

  Flame proof  & Insulated Control Panel

Additional Safety
Simplifies operation

  Insulated, Flame Proof Pump Provides additional safety    
  High Volume Pump Provides additional flow for increase mixing capabilities    

Industrial grade motors

Longer Life

  Encapsulated wiring with individual circuits

Adheres to cabling standards
Provides additional safety
Easy to service

  SAE 1010 Steel Construction

Maintenance Free

  Polyurethane covering

High Durability

  Meets ASTM, UL y CE 

Allows for world wide installations

  Independent Oil and Alcohol inlets

Facilitates unit loading
Provides additional safety
Simplifies connections to other tanks

  Visual Volume Control

Ease of operation

  Thermostat & Thermometer

Ease of Operation
Allows for repeatable results

  Analog Manometer Ease of Operation
Allows for repeatable results
  Pre-Calibrated Security Valve Additional Safety    
  Pressure regulating valve Ease of Operation    
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